Octagon Foundation

The Octagon Foundation

The mining company hosted all employees of the company that lived in the community for annual Christmas parties, where dependents of the workers and all children in their household attended. These parties were a beautiful sight and the children could not wait for it every year.

The mining company suddenly ceased sponsoring these parties, yet the children, especially less privileged ones, still came to the hotel hoping that the party will be held. Management of the lodge therefore decided to hold a feast for these kids. The number of participants of the event kept increasing. Currently, the lodge feeds up to 1000 kids depending on the financial stability of the facility.

It is worthy to note that, a reasonable number of these children were born by the visiting employees who left the town after their terms of service. Some of the children that benefit from our support are orphans and the destitute. The lodge, for the past 5 years, has included widows of the town and inmates of the Kenyase Prisons in its annual charity programs.

The charitable activities have now been formalized and has given birth to the Octagon Foundation, where part of the inflows from the lodge activities are set aside to fund these annual events. For the past 2 years, friends and loved ones who share in the vision of the foundation have made some financial contributions to the foundation and to the annual event. This has resulted in increased positive impacts on the lives of widows, inmates, orphans and the less-privileged.

Octagon Foundation is restoring hope and putting smiles on the faces of many.

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